Are You Remodeling Your Family Room?

Is your family room getting a totally new look? Maybe you are even wanting to eliminate the tiny windows that you don't think enhance the family room. The furniture in your family room might be hand-me-down furniture that you have used since you first got married. From selecting a large picture window to buying new furniture for your family room, here are some ideas that might help. A New Window - If you are wanting to add a picture window to your family room, that more than likely means that there will be a nice view. Read More 

Difference Between New Construction & Replacement Windows

New construction windows and replacement windows are not made the same way. They are designed to be installed using different processes, and should be used as intended. New Construction Windows New construction windows are windows that are made to be installed in new homes. They are designed to attach directly to the frame of your home. New construction windows are attached to your home with a nail fin frame, which is why they are called " Read More 

3 Door Renovation Ideas To Complete Window Improvement Projects

When considering energy-efficient improvements for your home, the windows are often where you start. Window improvements include replacements, films, window treatments, and glass installation to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Have you thought about entryway or patio doors? To make the most out of your investment in window improvements, the doors will also need to have work done to them. Here are some door renovation ideas to help you complete your window improvement projects. Read More 

3 Tips To Choose The Right Windows For Your Basement That Meet Modern Building Codes

When finishing or remodeling a basement, it needs to meet modern building standards. Part of meeting modern building standards is having the right windows and doors installed, which should be up-to-date with egress codes. Here are some tips to help you choose the right windows when remodeling or finishing the basement of your home: 1. Larger Doors for Better Access to Basement Areas There are many reasons to consider installing larger doors for your basement remodeling project. Read More 

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Why Frameless Shower Doors Are The Ideal Choice

The bathroom is one of those interior spaces that is usually ripe for remodeling. New features are constantly being developed that can make bathrooms much more convenient and easy to navigate. When you're looking at your own bathroom and considering which changes you can make, you might have come across frameless shower doors. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also pack a lot of benefits. Check out why you should put frameless shower doors in your bathroom. Read More