What Factors Affect The Price You Are Quoted For Commercial Window Cleaning?

If you are looking to have the windows on your commercial building cleaned, you should get quotes from a few commercial window cleaning companies. This will help you find an affordable service. However, you may find yourself wondering what factors affect the price you are quoted. Obviously, the number of windows you have will affect the price. But there are additional factors that will also affect your estimate. Here are a few of the factors that affect the price you will be quoted for commercial window cleaning.

How Many Stories the Building Is

One of the factors that affects the price you are quoted for window cleaning is how many stories the building is. If you have a windows on the tenth story of your building, it will cost more to clean them than windows only on a one- or two-story building. This is because different equipment needs to be brought in for windows that are higher up, which ultimately drives the cost up.

If the Cleaner Is Cleaning Both the Exterior and Interior of the Windows 

Another factor that affects the price you are quoted for commercial window cleaning is whether you want only the exterior of the windows cleaned, or the interior of the windows as well. It takes more time to clean both sides of a window, which drives the cost up.

If the Windows Are Tinted or Have a Film on Them

If you have tinted windows or a film on your commercial windows, you can expect to pay more to have your windows cleaned. This is because the windows need to be cleaned using a different method to ensure the film or tint does not become damaged by the chemicals or cleaning method. Additionally, some cleaners will also fully dry the windows to ensure water spotting does not occur, as this is more noticeable on darker windows than lighter ones.

What Other Services the Washing Company Is Performing

The last factor that will affect your price quote for commercial window cleaning is what other services the window washing company is performing. Many window washing companies perform other services in addition to window washing. They may clean the gutters, clean light fixtures, or clean glass doors and mirrors. If you need additional services, bundling services may give you a discount compared to hiring two different companies to perform these tasks.

If you have never hired a commercial window cleaning service before, you may be unsure what factors can cause your price estimate for window cleaning to be higher or lower than other buildings. Learning these factors will help you understand why the price you are quoted varies from quotes other commercial buildings receive.