Why Homeowners Are Loving Fiberglass Windows

If you want to invest in new windows, there are a lot of factors to consider, and it can honestly be quite overwhelming. One of the most important decisions is what material you choose for the window sashes. This will have a bearing on the cost, maintenance, and energy efficiency of your windows. While some products might be considered more stylish (like wood), they often require more maintenance. On the other hand, many people think that the low maintenance (like PVC) products are boring and cheap looking. This article explains why fiberglass is a nice compromise. It is stylish, affordable, and durable.

Fiberglass is a Durable Material

One of the most important features of a fiberglass windows is the fact that they are waterproof. This has a lot to do with the easy maintenance and cleaning. In fact, most people just clean the fiberglass with the same liquid cleaner they use to clean the glass panes.

A fiberglass frame has a powder coat finish that is stronger than normal paint and adds an extra hard shell of protection. However, even if this finish does somehow get scraped off, the fiberglass would not necessarily be susceptible to water damage.

The powder coat finish is also fade resistant. This means that you won't need to repaint your windows over the years. In fact, repainting fiberglass is a difficult task. When you choose a fiberglass color, make sure it's one that you will always like because the surface is just too hard and too smooth to be painted with normal paint, even if you use a professional pneumatic spraygun.

There Are Some Great Fiberglass Styles

Many people mistakenly think that fiberglass is an ugly material that they associate with white, shiny, plastic-like surfaces, similar to a bathtub basin. In reality, fiberglass window sashes are made in a variety of textures and they can be painted any color you could imagine. Not only can you choose from catalog colors, but you can also find certain manufacturers who will custom paint your windows to match your color scheme. A window sash with a slight texture has a few benefits. First of all, the texture is very helpful on sliding windows because it helps with friction. A fiberglass sliding window usually never needs to be lubricated. The texture can also give the window a warmer, more homey look.

Fiberglass is definitely a popular option because it can be both stylish and durable. Since it is also one of the more affordable options, especially when you consider the maintenance costs, it is a favorite among homeowners, no matter what their budget is.  For more information on your options for replacement windows, contact a company like JFK Window & Door Co.