Beautiful Ideas For A Window Wall

A house is supposed to offer you shelter from the outdoors, right? Well, naturally that's still a goal, but many homeowners are also trying to find ways to create seamless transitions between outdoor and indoor living. One way to achieve this is with window walls. With window walls, you can still choose energy efficient options such as double panes and gas fills. You can also protect your privacy with understated window treatments or glass films. Blur the lines between outside and inside with a beautiful window wall.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Enlarging and expanding your window space is the obvious method for creating a window wall. For example, if you have a corner overlooking a beautiful vista, consider having a bank of floor to ceiling windows installed. You could choose oversized picture windows that stay closed or casement windows to physically open up the space. Either way, consider how much sun you'll be getting – you may need to have transparent UV reflective coatings applied to the windows.

Window Grill

A bank of glass windows provides a modern profile. If you have a more traditional home, you may not want a series of sheets of glass. Instead, consider the more classic multi-paned glass construction. You can still have floor to ceiling windows installed. Alternatively, consider blending different window styles for the same effect. For example, flank a picture window with multi-paned shutter windows, and top them all with multi-paned transom windows. You still get the feeling of transitioning between outside and inside but with a more classically styled profile.

Enclosed Bay

Many homeowners utilize window walls to create a sunroom effect. However, you might not have an entire room to dedicate to this purpose. Therefore, consider creating an enclosed bay made of window walls. Depending on the style of your house, you could utilize either single panes or multi-paned glass panels. A glass-enclosed bay is beautiful in any room. However, if privacy isn't a concern, consider locating it in the bathroom with a soaking tub inside the bay. This setup offers the ambience of soaking in an outdoor pool with the comforts of the indoors.

Folding Glass Doors

If you have a patio or deck, a sliding glass door seems natural. If your house's construction can accommodate it, consider enlarging the space and replacing the sliding door with folding glass. These work by accordioning back to open the inside to your deck or patio. According to Home and Garden TV, you can also combine the two door types. This allows you to maintain some coziness while still creating that wide-open ambience when desired.

Use banks of windows to create beautiful transition areas between the outdoors and indoors.