Dispelling The Most Common False Assumptions About Aluminum Windows

If you are looking to make some upgrades and updates to your home, there is one topic that will almost always come up: the windows. Because there are so many different types of windows, both older and newer, many homeowners get the wrong idea about the windows that are available when they are planning to make replacements. This is especially true when it comes to aluminum windows.

Aluminum-framed windows were one of the first types of windows to be mass produced beyond wood and are still installed new in many homes today. However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around about aluminum windows that often give homeowners the wrong impression. Take a look at these common false assumptions about aluminum windows and the truths you need to know. 

Assumption: Aluminum windows are easily dented and damaged. 

Truth: When you think of aluminum, you likely think of things like aluminum cans and even old aluminum doors. Aluminum in this state does bend and damage easily. However, the aluminum that is used for window framing is far thicker and denser. Therefore, the material is just as resilient as some of the heftier metals like steel and can ward off damage much the same as vinyl or wood. 

Assumption: Aluminum windows are not as well-insulated as vinyl or even wood. 

Truth: This may have been true of really old aluminum windows, but this is not the case with the more modern versions that are now available. Just like vinyl replacement windows, aluminum-framed windows are very well insulated. Even though aluminum itself is not very insulating, most manufacturers use filler materials inside of the frame to ensure the efficiency of the end product, so hot and cold transfer through the metal will not be a problem. 

Assumption: Aluminum windows are not as aesthetically appealing because of their color. 

Truth: Aluminum windows are not always silver in color, even though this is what many homeowners assume. In fact, most are coated with a powder-finish paint that is highly resilient to scratches and scraping. Therefore, windows made from aluminum can be white, grey, or many other colors. 

The bottom line is this: aluminum windows are just as solid, reliable, and efficient as many other window types and are definitely worth your time and attention. Contact a window sales and service center, like The H Window, for more information regarding aluminum windows for your home.