Cool Down Your New House

If you have just moved into an area where you are going to need to deal with a more extreme heat during the summer months, then you want to make sure you can keep your home cooler more efficiently. The information offered here is going to walk you through making the changes that will help you cool down your home.

Consider having central air installed

If you are able to afford the initial expense of having central air conditioning installed in the home, then you should consider doing so. Central air will help you to cool down the entire house evenly and without paying as much for your cooling expenses as many of the other types of cooling. There are a couple of things that you want to do in order to properly care for the system once you have it installed. These things include replacing the filter when it is dirty and making sure the system gets routinely checked out annually so any potential problems can be caught and dealt with early on.

Have double-paned windows installed

If you currently have single-paned windows in the house, then you should really consider having them replaced by new windows with double panes. The double-paned windows have a layer of air between the sheets of glass that add even more insulation to your home to help keep the heat out and the cool air in.

Put reflective tint on your windows

A lot of heat can come right into the house through the windows and this will fight your best efforts to keep it comfortable. When you put reflective tint on the glass, it will make those rays bounce right off so the house won't get heated up. An added benefit of this reflection is it also helps stop sun bleaching that can happen to your furniture and interior when the sunlight is allowed to come right in.

Install windows with screens that can easily open up

Some windows in older homes are difficult to open, or they will slam shut with the slightest movement. If you have any trouble spots, consider replacing the spring balances or getting new windows installed altogether before the warm season hits. Although central AC is a great idea, you can save a bit on your utility bills by just opening the windows and letting the breeze run through the house.

Install ceiling fans throughout the house

Another way to keep the house comfortably cool at a better price is to have ceiling fans installed in all the main rooms of the house. You can use the fans to efficiently circulate the cool air. Some days you may even be able to rely on just the ceiling fans so you won't even have to have the air conditioner on at all.