3 Steps You Should Take To Improve The Look Of Your Windows

The windows inside your home may look a bit dirty and downright plain. Decorating the windows in your home could easily improve the overall appearance of each room. If you're ready for a change, there are a few simple steps you'll need to follow to make a drastic improvement.

Give the Windows a Deep Cleaning

Prior to decorating the windows, you should give them a deep cleaning to wipe away all the dirt that has accumulated on the glass and the windows frames over the past few months. You don't need to use the most expensive cleaning products to give your windows that thorough cleaning. Instead, mix a cup of water with two tablespoons of vinegar and 10 drops of lemon essential oil for a great scent. Add these items into a spray bottle and then start spraying your windows down. Use a soft cloth to wipe away the dirt without scratching the glass.

Purchase Quality Curtains to Hang Up

Once you've finished the cleaning process, it's time to pick out some curtains to use on the windows. There are a few things you'll need to think about before buying the curtains. The type of fabric selected is important. During the winter, it's good to select curtains made of a thick and heavy material because they'll help to block that cold air by the window. However, lighter, breathable materials are often ideal during the spring and summer.

Aside from carefully selecting the fabric, make sure you're choosing the right colors. Although you can select any color you personally prefer, neutral shades are a great choice because they go with just about everything. If you decide to change the decor in a room, you wouldn't necessarily have to change the curtains because they'd probably already match with the new decorations.

Select the Right Placement For Your Curtains

There are a lot of people who choose to hang curtains up right above their windows. If you'd like your windows to look larger, you shouldn't do that. Instead, try to install a curtain rod several inches above the window frame. You should try to place the rod as close to the ceiling as possible. Once you've installed the rod, simply hang the curtains up, and you'll notice the difference it makes right away. Your windows will look even bigger and brighter than before.

Transform those plain windows in your home. Start by cleaning them off with a simple vinegar solution. Once the windows are completely clean, pick out the right curtains for the season and make sure to hang them high above the windows so that they look larger inside the home. These changes could make every room in your home look that much better. Contact a cleaning service, like Exclusive Window Cleaning, for more help.