4 Signs Your Old Windows Are Not Worth Repairing

When your windows get old, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if they just need a little repair work or if they need to be completely replaced. There are a few major problems that make it a little easier to identify that your window needs to be replaced though, including rot, sagging casement, fogged glass, and hard-to-find hardware.


If your window frame has started to rot, it is hard to stop the process. You can slow down the process by removing the rot and sealing the wood. However, this is usually only a temporary fix. When your window starts to rot, the best move is to replace your window. You don't want the rot spreading from your window to the surrounding siding and eventually your temporary fix is going to need to be replaced.

Sagging Casement

If you have a window that cranks out, you may be able to replace the hardware that allows you to crank your window. However, if the hinges on the window get worn out, it can be a lot more difficult to find replacement hinges that fit just right. Even when you replace the hinges, that often doesn't solve the issue. If you have a really old crank-out window that has casement that is sagging, it may be best to just replace your windows with newer, stronger windows.

Fogged Glass

If you have double pane windows, and fog is developing in between the two panes of the glass, you are going to need to replace the glass in your windows. You most likely don't need to replace the frame if it is still in good shape; however, the glass will need to go. When fog develops in between the two panes of glass in a double-pane window, it means that there is space between the glass that shouldn't be there that is allowing moisture to get inside of the glass. The glass design is basically defective. This is not something that can easily be fixed and is often more expensive to fix than it is to just replace the glass.

Old Hardware

If you have an old window, eventually you may no longer be able to find the right hardware to fix it up. Overtime, you may only be able to find the hardware to fix your window if you search for it online. Eventually, it makes more sense to upgrade your windows than to continue to search for old hardware.

If your window frame is rotted out, your crank out window is sagging, the glass in your double-pane windows is fogging up inside the glass or you window is needs old hardware replaced that you just can't find, it may be a smart idea to invest in some replacement windows. For more information, contact companies like Allstate Siding and Windows.