Dress Up The Windows To Improve Energy Efficiency In Any Room Of Your Home

Are you worried that your windows aren't holding their weight when it comes to energy efficiency? Here are a few things you can do to improve their performance in any room of your home:

Stop the Drafts

To ensure that your windows perform optimally when it comes to protecting your interior space from the outdoor elements, you should seal each window frame with caulking or spray foam insulation. Sealing your windows will prevent air from escaping out or getting in so it's easier to keep temperatures comfortable inside.

If your windows are well sealed from the outdoor elements, your HVAC system won't have to work so hard throughout the day and you'll reduce wear and tear and time goes on. You may even save yourself some money on energy costs as time goes on.

After applying the sealant, gently sand any excess material off. Then paint the frames with a clear coat of stain to ensure a tight seal. You can also place insulation snakes or draft stoppers on the windowsills along the bottoms of your windows when they're closed to make sure air can't get in or out through the crack. You can find draft stoppers at your local home improvement store or make your own at home.

Install Insulation Film

Once your windows are well sealed, consider installing solar insulation film on them. The film is easy to apply and can be removed without doing any damage to the windows. When applied, the insulation film will reduce heat loss and gain throughout the year and protect your furniture and floors from damage due to UV exposure.

Solar insulation film comes in a variety of colors, designs, and textures so you can create a custom look for each room that sets the mood for your interior and exterior décor. Use stencils and use multiple shades and designs of film to create mosaics and landscapes.

Invest in New Coverings

You can improve the energy efficiency of your windows and add some extra depth to the design of your rooms by investing in new window coverings. Interior blinds are a good option if you're worried about the heat during summer months. When highly reflective blinds are closed, they can reduce heat gain by about 45 percent. Draperies are a great option year-round, because when closed they can reduce heat gain in the summer by about 33 percent and lower heat loss in the winter by about 10 percent.

Installing new blinds and draperies will not only improve the energy efficiency of your windows, but they'll help enhance the privacy of your household members when closed. Drapes and blinds will create an extra buffer between the interior and exterior of your home which may help reduce noise outdoor noise pollution.

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