Compare Your Options In Metal Guttering

Aluminum is a popular material for gutters, but if metal is the material you're looking for, you can also choose steel and copper for your gutters. Each has its advantages, so you may want to compare them closely. Here's a look at these three types of metal gutters.

Aluminum Is Less Expensive

One reason aluminum gutters are so popular is because they are less expensive than other options. Aluminum is also light, so it is an easier material to work with if you're installing sectional gutters yourself; however, aluminum gutters can be of the seamless variety too. Aluminum gutters need to be painted, but they can usually go several years between coats. They resist rust and other damage, but they can be dented easily. Aluminum gutters are a good choice when your budget is tight or when you want to install the gutters yourself.

Steel Gutters Resist Dents And Cracks

Steel gutters are heavier than aluminum and less prone to denting and cracking. However, steel can rust in places where it is scratched. Steel gutters could need more repairs over their lifetime to prevent rust, and they also need to be painted every few years. Steel gutters come in sectional and seamless varieties. You can also choose between galvanized and stainless steel. Stainless steel is more expensive, while galvanized steel is closer in price to aluminum. You might prefer stainless steel if you like its shiny appearance. Steel could be a good choice if you want something stronger than aluminum or if you live in a climate with temperature extremes.

Copper Gutters Have A Unique Appearance

Copper gutters are the most expensive of the three, but they are also the most durable. Copper doesn't dent easily, and it doesn't rust. It has a much longer life than aluminum or steel. Copper also has a unique appearance that enhances the exterior of your home. These gutters need very little maintenance since you don't even have to paint them. Copper develops a patina as it ages and turns a blue-green color. Copper gutters come in seamless options and also in sectional troughs that are soldered together. These are a good choice if appearance is important or if you want high-quality materials for your home.

Any type of metal guttering system is a good choice since metal is a durable material. Before you buy, compare cost, longevity, and amount of maintenance required. Don't forget to factor in appearance, because stainless steel and copper have their unique looks while aluminum and steel come in different colors and can be painted any color you like.