Difference Between New Construction & Replacement Windows

New construction windows and replacement windows are not made the same way. They are designed to be installed using different processes, and should be used as intended.

New Construction Windows

New construction windows are windows that are made to be installed in new homes. They are designed to attach directly to the frame of your home. New construction windows are attached to your home with a nail fin frame, which is why they are called "new construction" windows.

These types of windows can also be used when you renovate your home.  However, the siding of your home has to be removed in order to expose the frame, which is why new construction windows are best used on homes that are being built, or when you are replacing your siding.

You can't use new construction windows on brick or stone homes because you can't use the nail fin frame to install the window.

One of the big benefits of new construction windows is that you can have them custom crafted to fit with the style of your home. You can have windows designed to the specific measurements that will work with the new home or building that you are constructing.

It doesn't make a lot of sense to use new construction windows when you have a window that is damaged in your home, as it will take more time and labor to install this type of window over a replacement window.

Replacement Windows

Replacement window is a general, overarching term that is used to describe windows that do not have a nail fin frame system. Replacement windows are not used or old windows; they are brand-new windows that are designed to newly constructed buildings and are also used to replace windows in already existing construction.

Replacement windows are high-quality windows; don't be fooled by the name "replacement." These are brand-new windows with brand-new features that can be put in your home.

Replacements windows also come in a variety of sizes. There are standard size replacement windows, which are mass-produced and are supposed to be more affordable. Then there are custom replacement windows, which are made to the exact specifications for your home or project.

Replacement windows features high-quality glass, such as double or triple pane glass and have great installation properties. You can get a wide range of features from replacement windows.

Newly construction windows use special nail fin frame to attach to a building, and replacement windows use different installation methods. Both types of windows are high-quality windows that come with different types of glass and frame types.

For more information about window types, such as vinyl windows, reach out to a local company.