Are You Remodeling Your Family Room?

Is your family room getting a totally new look? Maybe you are even wanting to eliminate the tiny windows that you don't think enhance the family room. The furniture in your family room might be hand-me-down furniture that you have used since you first got married. From selecting a large picture window to buying new furniture for your family room, here are some ideas that might help.

A New Window - If you are wanting to add a picture window to your family room, that more than likely means that there will be a nice view. For example, perhaps you have a beautifully landscaped garden and you want to enjoy it from the inside. Consider buying vinyl windows. They look just like regular windows, but they are very energy efficient. In addition, vinyl windows are affordable and will last for a long time. Vinyl windows are easy to maintain, too. Just clean them the same way you would clean regular glass windows. 

Vinyl windows can be ordered in any shape and size you need. For example, if you are wanting a large rectangular window, that can happen. The window company will send somebody out to do measurements and to help you decide what kind of framing you want for your vinyl windows. For example, if your family room will have a rustic theme, rustic wood can be used for the vinyl window framing.

​New Family Room Furniture - Think of the look you want in your remodeled family room. For example, if your kids are grown and out of the house, you might want a more formal look in your family room. If that's the case, consider whether you want traditional furniture or contemporary furniture. If you still have kids living at home, you more than likely want sturdy furniture that can take a lot of action. For that type of furniture, think of selecting upholstery fabric that is easily cleaned. For example, leather would be a good choice. Not only is it attractive, but you can simply wipe it off with a gentle product when it needs to be cleaned.

Besides a place to sit, think of additional furniture pieces you want to include in your family room setting. For example, if your family loves to play board games and to work puzzles together, consider having a game table in the room. A floor to ceiling shelf that will hold your television set and collectibles like family pictures, might be another good furniture addition.