Are You Enclosing Your Outdoor Patio?

Have you decided that you would use your patio more if you enclosed it? Perhaps you live in an area of the United States where it gets super hot. Maybe you are plagued by mosquitoes, and it's just not fun to sit outside. In addition, you have probably considered that having an enclosed patio would be great during the winter months. Whatever your reason for enclosing your outdoor patio, do you already have a plan for the project? 

If you are still looking for ideas on enclosing your patio, from arranging for double hung window services to selecting the decor for the new room, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Arrange For Double Hung Window Services - Getting a double hung windows installation might cost a little bit more than regular ones, but buying them might be one of the best investments you make on your enclosed patio project. This type of window will probably save you money over time as double hung windows are energy efficient. Their design means that the enclosed patio will remain cooler during the warm summer months. And, of course, during the winter months, having energy-efficient double hung windows will mean that the enclosed patio will retain warmth.

Are you having one large window or two to three smaller windows in the enclosed patio design? Double hung windows come in many sizes, so you probably won't have any trouble finding the size you want. An additional bonus is that the windows are so easy to install that you can probably do the job yourself. Of course, if you are not a do-it-yourself person, the store where you buy the windows for your enclosed patio will often install them for you. 

The Enclosed Patio Decor - Do you have a theme in mind for your enclosed patio? For example, maybe you want to be able to bring a bit of the outdoors right into your enclosed patio. If that's the case, consider selecting furniture that has things like flowers, ferns, birds and other things found in nature as the focal part of the upholstery. Or, go with a plain color, also found in nature, for the upholstery and create a garden theme with the throw pillows you select.

For example, yellow upholstery will give the enclosed patio a light, sunny feeling. Throw pillows with things like bees, hummingbirds, and ladybugs would all be good choices. Choose garden-themed artwork for your walls, too. For example, a watercolor of children playing in a beautiful garden would be one good choice for wall art.