4 Reasons Why You Should Get Fiberglass Doors For Your New Home

For many new homeowners, choosing a door that suits their needs is an important decision. Besides durability, they are looking for a door type that complements their home exterior and boost curb appeal. Surprisingly, these are among the positive attributes that come with investing in fiberglass doors. Check out a few more reasons why these doors are a worthwhile investment.

1. They are highly durable

A notable trait of fiberglass doors is that they don't bow or crack to elements like harsh sun rays or frigid temperatures. They also don't rust or get infested by insects. Additionally, they are lighter than solid wood or steel, reducing the tensile stress on the door hinges. This means that you can operate them efficiently without worrying about your door binding or sticking.

2. A perfect choice for energy-efficient homes 

Compared to other door materials like wood or steel, fiberglass offers better insulation for your home. Most fiberglass entry doors feature a polyurethane foam core that offers up to five times better insulation than other door materials. Therefore, such doors can keep cool air during summer and cold out in winter, which helps you save on your energy costs.

3. Has low maintenance

Fiberglass doors are not sensitive to moisture and can withstand impacts that cause scuffs and dents. You also don't have to regularly re-stain or repaint because your door has its finish, which can remain vibrant for many years. So, the only maintenance you have to do is cleaning your door, including its window panes, with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

4. There are plenty of customization options

Fiberglass entry doors are easily customized to fit your preferred style and match your home's exterior. For instance, if you like natural wood finishes, you can get a fiberglass option with the same look but with less risk of deterioration. Additionally, fiberglass doors come in a wide range of colors and textures, making it easier to select an option that suits your home décor. If you plan to have more light in your home, it's possible to customize fiberglass doors with clear glass panels. You may also opt for privacy glass if you want to shield the interior from the busy streets or passers-by.

The next time you are thinking of updating a door in your new home, have fiberglass doors among your top choices. The few reasons highlighted should convince you why such doors are a worthy investment. It's also necessary that you seek the services of a professional fiberglass door installation expert to ensure your door lives up to its full potential.