Why You’ll Want Shutters Over Traditional Blinds

Adding shutters to your home's windows can be beneficial in many ways, including offering shade or privacy when you want it and an added appeal that other types of window coverings won't give you.

You can consider shutters and blinds since they are both similar, but shutters come with some clear advantages. Plantation shutters, in particular, might be appealing in your home since they are functional and add a certain level of class and classic sophistication.

If you're torn between blinds and shutters or if you were just considering blinds originally, learn why shutters are the better investment. You can buy your shutters from your window specialist. Since shutters are intended to last and be basic permanent structures on your windows, it's best if they are installed professionally as well.

Shutters are more durable

Blinds are vulnerable window covers that can be easily destroyed by pets or children. They are often pliable if they are made of aluminum or vinyl, and even wood or harder styles of blinds have strings in them that can tangle or otherwise become damaged.

If you need a lasting window cover solution you can rely on, consider shutters over blinds. Composite shutters look like wood but don't cost as much, so even if your budget had you leaning towards blinds in the first place, you'll find that some shutters are relatively comparable in price.

Shutters are more attractive

When choosing a window solution in your home that is meant to stick around, you'll want shutters over blinds just due to beauty alone. Blinds can be chosen based on material — wood is a common material to choose and can be painted or stained — and how much space there is between the slats. The wider the slats, the wider the air space between them as well, which can make them more able to let light in when the shutters are open.

Your shutters can bring a room to light and add value and beauty that blinds will not. Consider shutters in the living room, dining room, and master bedroom at the very least to add charm and definite beauty to the areas you want the most light and privacy control.

Look at several styles of shutters before selecting the best one for your needs. Your budget, style of home, and even window shape and size will determine what shutters might work best in your home. Shutter costs are typically per window installed, so keep this in mind when getting prices for them from window contractors.