Three Costs You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Shutters

Shutters are a great addition to any home and they can help keep your home safe from the elements, in addition to providing valuable shade in summer. On top of all of that, they look really nice and are a fine stylistic choice that you won't regret. However, when choosing shutters, it is important that you understand what all the costs may be both now and in the future. Only then can you make an informed choice about what shutters you want and how much they will cost you overall. Here are a few costs you might not have considered that you should take into account when making your final choice.  

Installation Costs

Shutters do need to be professionally installed or else you risk breaking them or ruining them by accident. A lot of people who think they are pretty good handymen have ended up running perfectly good shutters by thinking they could install them on their own. This is a cost that you just have to accept if you want shutters, so do not try to save money here, or it will come back to haunt you. A good installation can make shutters last for much longer than you might expect, and a bad installation will destroy them before they last a season.

Custom Shutters

If you are only looking at mass-produced shutters, then you may think you have found a great deal, but if you are willing to spend a bit extra you get a lot more bang for your buck. While there is nothing inherently wrong with widely-produced shutters, they just will not be as tailor-made for your exact situation as custom shutters. Whether that be a specific style you really want but cannot find, the weight or size of your shutters, or anything at all about them, if you want it made precisely, you need to pay a bit more and get custom shutters.


While the bulk of the costs of your shutters will be the initial purchase and installation, you should consider maintenance down the road as well. Certain materials, particularly timber shutters, will need to be recoated with protective chemicals once in a while and can be more prone to rotting after many years. If you keep up with regular maintenance checks, this is not an issue, but just know, if you want timber shutters, they do cost more to keep looking good in the years to come, while synthetic materials are cheaper and less likely to be a problem when it comes to maintenance. As long as you bear this in mind, there is no reason why you shouldn't get some beautiful timber shutters if you want them. 

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