Three Door Options For A Corner Shower

A shower positioned in the corner of the bathroom is common in many homes. Having the shower in the corner can help the bathroom to feel spacious, which is something that is especially important in a small room. If you're shopping for a new door for a corner shower enclosure, you'll typically have a handful of options to consider. A visit to a shower door shop will give you an opportunity to evaluate these designs, discuss them with a salesperson, and choose the right one for your bathroom. Here are three door options to consider for a corner shower.


A conventional door option to consider for a corner shower enclosure is a square door. This means that the door and the glass wall that it meets will meet at a 90-degree angle. Generally, this will give you a shower enclosure that is perfectly square. You'll have the option of whether you want this type of door to swing out into the bathroom or into the shower enclosure. If the room is on the smaller side, you might favor the latter — especially if there's a fixture just a short distance from the shower that you don't want the door to hit.


A lot of people love the stylish look of curved glass. If you're of this mindset, you may gravitate toward a curved shower door for your corner enclosure. Curved shower doors add a visual softness to any bathroom. Depending on the shape of the shower enclosure and the type of curve in the door, you may find that this choice of door helps to give the inside of the shower a roomy feel — something that you'll appreciate if you have a larger body, or if you occasionally enjoy showering with your significant other.

Neo Angle

Another option is a neo-angle shower door. This is a door that consists of three panels of glass. When you combine these three sides with the existing two walls of the enclosure, you get a five-sided enclosure that can often have a diamond shape. Neo-angle shower doors come in many different styles. The door itself makes up the middle of the three panels and is wider than the other two. This type of door tends to help give the enclosure a spacious feel, much like a curved door.

Visit a local business to learn more about your options when it comes to shower doors.