Enhance Your Home With An Upgrade To A Double-Entry Door

A single-entry door is functional and can be designed attractively. Yet, the functionality and attractiveness of a double-entry door are elevated. If you have a single-entry door, depending on its design, you may be able to upgrade to a double-entry option with minimal construction requirements. If you are interested in elevating your home, learn how this update can help.  

Upgraded Curb Appeal

An upgrade from a single to a double-entry door will offer the immediate benefit of a more attractive curb appeal. For outsiders, a home's lawn and front exterior are the first and only things they see. So, undoubtedly, you want to make a lasting impression.

A double door creates a sense of elegance and sophistication. The expanded door design can also make your entryway appear more prominent. If you have a small home, this benefit is especially helpful. Should you ever decide to place your home on the market, enhanced curb appeal will also make it easier to attract more potential buyers to your home.

Enhanced Foyer Charm

The foyer is the center point of a home; every person entering your home will pass through this space. Single-door designs often close in the area and, as such, limit the amount of light that can pass through the room. However, a double-door design can increase the amount of light in the room, which will also add charm. 

In addition to a more attractive look, the increased light can make the entryway appear larger. If you want to add even more light, you can upgrade to a double door with a modern glass panel design or include sidelights on the side of each door.

Expanded Accessibility

There has been plenty of mention about how an upgrade to a double-entry door can make your home appear larger, but, in truth, this update can expand space in your home. With a single door, you are limited in how much space you have to move items in and out of your home, especially large items.

However, a double-entry design essentially doubles the amount of space you have to pass through the door. Even if you are someone who entertains a lot of people, often, the expanded entryway space makes it easier for your guests to enter and exit your home. 

If you want to learn more about double-entry doors and the options available to you, speak with a door installation contractor in your area.