The Residential Window Tinting Guide To Different Glass Tints And Films

If you are looking for window replacement alternatives, adding tint to the glass in your home can be a good investment. You may want to have the windows tinted for the energy benefits, but there are other advantages to installing residential window tinting in your home. There are also options for the color and transparency of these films. The following residential window tinting guide will help with these improvements to your home: Read More 

Pre-Painted, Factory Primed, Unpainted—How to Get the House Color You Love

Exterior siding offers extra protection from wind and rain. It also gives you a surface that is easy to paint or that comes pre-painted. You can get exterior siding in a primed version, too, with all of these depending on how much work you want to do yourself. If you don't have a preference for how much painting you might have to do, look at the color you need to get and go from there. Read More 

3 Long-Term Benefits of Investing in Hurricane Windows

If your home is along the beach, your family will enjoy comfort, beautiful beaches, and great weather all year long. Nevertheless, if you live along the beach, there is a possibility of heavy storms or hurricanes. As a homeowner, protecting your home against the impending harsh weather conditions should be one of your top priorities. Investing in hurricane-resistant windows should be on the list of your plans to keep your home safe. Read More