Enhance Your Home With An Upgrade To A Double-Entry Door

A single-entry door is functional and can be designed attractively. Yet, the functionality and attractiveness of a double-entry door are elevated. If you have a single-entry door, depending on its design, you may be able to upgrade to a double-entry option with minimal construction requirements. If you are interested in elevating your home, learn how this update can help.   Upgraded Curb Appeal An upgrade from a single to a double-entry door will offer the immediate benefit of a more attractive curb appeal. Read More 

Things To Know Before You Select Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters off a stylish, attractive means of protecting your windows while also moderating the amount of sunlight that shines through them. These shutters feature horizontal slats, and they mount to your window frames on the interior of your home, so you can easily open and close them. One of the best things about plantation shutters is that there are so many different styles to choose from. However, this can also make choosing just one style a little difficult. Read More 

Three Door Options For A Corner Shower

A shower positioned in the corner of the bathroom is common in many homes. Having the shower in the corner can help the bathroom to feel spacious, which is something that is especially important in a small room. If you're shopping for a new door for a corner shower enclosure, you'll typically have a handful of options to consider. A visit to a shower door shop will give you an opportunity to evaluate these designs, discuss them with a salesperson, and choose the right one for your bathroom. Read More